Change Vehicle Registration Name

There may be some circumstances in life that require you to change the name on your vehicle registration, such as marriage or a court order. Though it might seem complicated at first, a change in vehicle registration is not that hard to achieve if you know what is required ahead of time. We have collected all the information you need to know to speed up and simplify the process of changing your vehicle registration name.

SSA Procedure

Before you can go to the DMV with your application to change your vehicle registration name, you need to first contact the Social Security Administration (SSA). This can only be done in person or by mail, unfortunately. You are going to need the following for both in person and mail name change applications:

  • Form SS-5 Application for a Social Security Card
  • Proof of Identity – passport, driver’s license, U.S. birth certificate, certificate of citizenship or naturalization
  • Official certificate of name change – marriage or divorce certificate, or court order

Note that your current social security number doesn’t change. It will take about 48 hours for your request for a new social security card to process. Once you receive the new card, you can then go to your local DMV office.

Vehicle Registration Requirements

As noted above, once you’ve completed the SSA process, you are then ready to head to the Department of Motor Vehicles in your area. The following items are vehicle registration requirements, so do not forget them:

  • One proof of U.S. citizenship, such as a birth certificate, certificate of naturalization or citizenship, or a U.S. passport
  • Official certificates of a name change, like a marriage or divorce certificate
  • Proof of social security number – bring a W-2 form (even if it has your old name) and your new social security card
  • Two proofs of residency – utility bills, bank statements, school records, medical records, etc.
  • Money to make the payment for the name change. DMV offices accept cash, check, and major credit cards.

Do note that the DMV doesn’t have a law that requires you to update the name on your vehicle title or registration. As long as your driver’s license has your new name, all other information servers are updated accordingly. However, to minimize chances of fraud and other identity-related issues, change in vehicle registration is advised.

Officially Changing Your Name

Finally, after visiting the local DMV and having the information in their database changed over, you are ready to finalize the whole process. This is the easiest step of them all. Take out the vehicle title, flip it over, and find the section where it says “vehicle title transfer.” Put your new name, current residence, and date of transfer on the provided lines.

With this new information written down, you can take a trip to the county tax collector. Bring the transferred title, proof of vehicle insurance, a method of payment, and your driver’s license with you.

See? Changing your vehicle registration in the Sunshine State is not a complicated process. Though it might take a little time, you can smoothly transition from your old name to the new one without much of an issue. Remember to go to the SSA office first before visiting the DMV. After that, your vehicle registration is easily updated.