Reinstate Suspended License

Though a driver’s license may be suspended for any number of reasons, it doesn’t mean you have to go without driving for the rest of your life. Once the suspension period is over, you can immediately begin the reinstatement process. Keep in mind that, depending on your violation, there may be different requirements for your license reinstatement, but the following steps that we have highlighted pertain to everyone seeking to reinstate a suspended license:

Know Why You Have Been Suspended

Suspended driver’s licenses in FL can happen under a variety of circumstances, such as:

  • Rapid or excessive accumulation of traffic violation points
  • Failure to pay tickets or traffic fines on time
  • Not meeting legally required eyesight (i.e. driving legally blind without corrective lenses)
  • Not completing provisional training
  • DUI charges
  • and so on.

Based on the severity of an individual’s violation, the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles will calculate the duration of your license suspension.

Typical Suspension Periods

As mentioned above, the period your license is suspended is dependent on what caused the penalty in the first place. Though every case is unique, the following periods of what is considered typical and can be used as an estimation:

  • Failure to comply with the court summons or pay fees/fines – suspended until you have satisfied the summons or paid the fine.
  • DUI (not injuries incurred) – 3 months to 1 year.
  • Inadequate vision – suspended until you can meet minimum vision requirements.
  • Inability to drive correctly – 1-year suspension.
  • Failure to pay child support – not cleared until you have paid.
  • DMV violation point accumulation – 12 points in a year leads to 30-day suspension, 18 points in 1.5 years is a 90-day suspension, and 24 points in 3 years results in 1-year suspension.

Reinstating a Suspended License

First, you might have to do a couple of things to get your suspension cleared. This could involve attending a court hearing if your offense is affiliated with alcohol usage or an accident where someone was injured or killed. Once the time of your suspension has passed and any additional requirements (such as a vision test or proof of paid fines) have been met, you can then go to your local DMV office with necessary documentation and the reinstatement fee (see below).

Someone people might be unable to reinstate their suspended license if the suspension or revocation is due to accumulating too many points, they have been labeled a Habitual Traffic Offender, or if their traffic violation resulted in another’s death or near-fatal injury. In that case, a Hardship Driver’s License might be an adequate replacement.

Reinstatement Fees for FL Licenses

Payment is required in order to reinstate your suspended driver’s license. The suspension fee is different by state but is often around $45. You may also be required to pay additional fees connected to the reasons for your suspension, including but not limited to:

  • D-6 suspension (unpaid tickets) – $60
  • Failure to pay or enroll in car insurance – $150
  • Administration fee for alcohol or drug-related offenses – $130
  • and so forth.

These can be paid in cash, by check, or with a major credit card.

To reinstate a suspended license, you may have to jump through a couple of hoops; but don’t let that cause you any worry. Follow the steps and tips outlined in this article, and you will be back driving in no time. With a little preparation, reinstatement will be swift and painless.